If you have planned to purchase a microwave oven under 5000, we recommend finding and buying a convection micro oven.

The main reason for such recommendation is the fact that products pertaining to this variety can aptly manage the fundamental cooking functions. These include baking, grilling, cooking, defrosting and heating.

You can easily grab these products within your budget.

Besides offering the cooking flexibilities, these products offer other advantages too. They provide:

  • Low power consumption.
  • Higher wattage helping faster cooking
  • Easier access to cooking buttons.

If you are aiming to comparatively low-budget products as you have limited usage to cover up, solo microwaves are the ideal choice for you. These products will offer you services with equal range of smartness, but their range is limited to reheating, defrosting and similar others.

Solo microwave ovens are mainly used in offices and other small occasions. The product features include

  • Digital Time Display; it keeps the users informed about the cooking time. It also informs about the power level.
  • Child lock features provide safety even in houses with children.
  • Other safety features include sensor malfunction protection; there are shields against overheating too.
  • Fermentation feature helps the user make the dough, paneer, butter, and curds.
  • Express cooking feature is added to a number of microwave oven under 5000; it helps you to do faster cooking. You need to set the weight and press the start button. Multi-stage cooking is also possible with some varieties of convection.

10 Best Microwave Oven Review

Morphy Richards 20MS 20L Solo Microwave – Best Choice

Morphy Richards 20MS 20L Solo Microwave
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The products belonging to this variety are uniformly recognized as one of the best microwave oven under 5000. Such credibility owes to the feature-rich attribution comprising uniform heat distribution, multiple power levels, etc.

Protection slips include timer for cooking; overheat and sensory protection accessories are also added.

Use of Smart-wave technology helps preserve the nutrition values of the food thus cooked. Therefore, you are able to treat your family members with the best kind of healthy and tasty foods.

Besides cooking, the devices help you in defrosting and reheating too.

Availability of best taste foods at home will discourage your grown-up children to go outside and search for alternative foods that will satisfy their saliva. The small, compact size is ideal for smaller families, offices where small lunches are provided at recess and in the paying guest units where food is not served.

The best feature will come up with exactly your needs. The beautiful appearance is another point of love.

  • Despite being small, the compact features help the users get what they were needed so far
  • Both heating and reheating job are conveniently done
  • Submit best defrosting capability
  • Heating in the devices is not even
  • Offered with no touchpad
  • Product offers the facility of heating and defrosting only

Bajaj 20L Grill Microwave Oven – Runner-Up Pick

Bajaj 20L Grill Microwave Oven
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Bajaj has been a leading producer of microwave oven under 5000 since long back. The company is a leading producer of solo varieties. Excellent make-up and brilliant features helped the products gain market overseas too.

The brand comes with principle cooking features like heating, defrosting, express cooking and grilling.

The capacity of the device is 20 liters; small families, big offices, and bachelors den are the ideal places for this cooking appliance. Induction of child lock systems guarantees the safety of children. The cavity is powder coated.

Use of Smart-wave Technology helps keep the nutritional value of the food ingredients.

The USP of Bajaj 20L Grill oven lies in the fact that you can use both microwave and grilling mode simultaneously in these beautifully featured Microwave Ovens. It helps customize your recipes.

Introduction of multiple cooking power levels encourage fine tuning of all delicate preparations.  With jog dials, handling becomes more convenient.

  • Come equipped with models that preoccupy variant features
  • Offer grilling, reheat, and defrost facilities to the user
  • Auto Defrost is available
  • Comes with Smart-wave technology
  • Child-lock safety features fit the device to any home
  • Offered with five power levels
  • Comes with vents on top

IFB 17L Solo Microwave Oven

IFB 17L Solo Microwave Oven under 5000
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Solo microwave oven under 5000 has made it within 5 from the top. The affordable pieces are available with inept cutting-edge designs.

With robust configuration, the devices seem durable and this is more preferred. The hefty design is presumed to offer the preparations best foods. The macho design adds to the glamour of the kitchen.

The 17 liter product comes with mechanical knob control. It will feel the user comfortable while using.

An immaculate range of power is evicted from the machine; these are composed of low, defrost, medium and medium-low, medium-high and high power.

It equips a defrost feature that can even melt frozen meats. Presence of a timer button helps in making cooking an easy process.

  • 17-liter capacity is enough to meet the needs of bachelor dens
  • Used for reheat, defrost, and cook
  • Present an exceptional design
  • Robust configuration
  • Jog Dials help regulate the power and time
  • Offered with three auto cook settings
  • No digital display
  • Manufacturer has made no provision for starter kit

IFB 20L Grill Microwave Oven

IFB 20L Grill Microwave Oven
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Entitle high-quality grill microwave ovens that offer the best convection features. The manufacturer recommended the product for use by members of smaller families, students, and bachelors.

The product is better than most of the peers as the product offers a combination of functionalities. Besides normal functionalities like the defrosting, warming, and reheating, it helps in grilling too.

Integration of power grills and combined tech modes help the users get brownish meals without any overheating. Warming settings allows the user to maintain a constant temperature at the time of temperate food.

It equips ten different power levels. It enables the user in varying the temperature according to the needs. Chances of overheating are thus eliminated.

These microwave ovens under 5000 are also equipped with steam clean features. With this newly-invented technology, you will be able to clean the innate cavity besides sanitizing it.

  • Intuitive power saving features have helped the product become a favorite to most households in the country
  • Offer excellent performance
  • Jaw Dials help in convenient controlling of the operation
  • Offered with a starter kit
  • Do not have any digital control option

Panasonic 20L Grill Microwave Oven – NN-GT221WF

Panasonic 20L Grill Microwave Oven
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With the intrusion of the product, Japanese Technology could feature itself into the country. The best design not only will enhance the artistic look of your kitchen; the robust configuration will also ensure longevity.

The product is ideal for smaller families and bachelor dens.

Being a grill oven, it does not offer the facility of baking biscuits. But, you can prepare cakes in these. Even Tandoori Rotis can be made here.

The reheating features will enable you to get hot food as and when you feel the need. Availability of smart-wave technology helps preserve the nutritional value of the foodstuffs.

It also comes with exciting features of 38 auto cook menus. 26 out of those are Indian. Therefore, you can make both Indian and Continental recipes with the same oven.

With such inimitable features, Panasonic Ovens are considered the best among microwave oven under 5000.

  • Controls can easily be managed with the presence of Jaw Dials
  • Both Indian and Continental Foods can be made
  • Best featured product among the budget microwave ovens
  • Parts are often made in China; it can raise quality issues

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LG 20L Solo Microwave Oven

LG 20L Solo Microwave
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LG is another brand in India that has earned enough international recognition for the immutable product quality.

Company representatives have expressed their resent about keeping the price within 5000 saying that the inimitable quality definitely deserves somewhat more than INR 5000; yet, the company has an on-look to the interest of smaller families and needy demography.

Therefore, the price is settled at slightly below 5000.

This microwave oven under 5000 is the one with intellowave technology. Use of the technique helps the users faster and healthier cooking. In this respect, the device is graphed above the other Solo Microwave ovens.

It helps finish the cooking with a single click thanks to the one-touch buttons whose count in the device is more than 40.

Another appraisal with the high-featured devices is that these devices equip Touch Sensitive Membranes. It helps bring a neat and trendy outlook.

Absence of any starter kit causes the company to send a technician at the time of shipping followed by installation.

Like other solo products, these products serve best for bachelor unit or smaller families.

  • Bet matched for smaller families and spinsters
  • Accommodate medium-sized Microwave safe vessels and full-sized plates
  • The oven can easily back up cooking, reheating, and defrosting
  • Offered with Child Lock and other safety features
  • Offered with a touchpad
  • Is offered with least warranty
  • Does not include a starter kit

Whirlpool 20L Solo Microwave Oven

Whirlpool 20L Solo Microwave Oven
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Installation of the product allows scope for relaxation as you have earned the envy of your neighbor. Yes, the aesthetic design of the product offers a nascent glow to your kitchen appearance.

The microwave oven under 5000 is sure to motivate your budget-winked spirit. The jagged built-up further motivates your guts as you ensure the permanence of the microwave body and the internal accessories.

Within the product cavity, you will find a larger spacious space that is 245mm turntable. It helps to cook a huge amount of food in one shot. Multiple vessels can be prepared at the same time.

Cooking is over with a mild touch of button thanks to the presence of the six pre-programmed magic menus.

It equips 10 power levels that help optimum convenience to cooking. The manufacturer installs a LED display within. It helps to check the level of selection. The button controls offer convenience for use.

The weights defrost feature in the devices allows preset the time and cooking power. With such a feature, defrosting by weight is possible.

  • Equips Indian Auto-cook Menus
  • Comes with top-notch Magic Menus
  • Available with ten levels of power
  • Express cooking is available with a singular touch
  • The body gets heated as it absorbs power

Bajaj 1701MT Solo Microwave Oven

Bajaj 1701MT Solo Microwave Oven
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The product stands ideal for people with short funds. It offers superior quality at a budgeted price.

The sleek design and hovering dimensions have made it apt for hassle-free installation. The compact figure promises fitness at acute corners. The stout configuration demonstrates stout and durable qualities.

The uniquely featured product will also attract your vision with a beautiful appearance that adds some value to your kitchen too. The capacity is copious for smaller families and bachelors.

Besides cooking, the product shows excellent performance and reheating food too. It equips a 30-minute cooking timer. With the accessory, you will be able to control cooking time.

With Adoption of a mechanical knob, the product helps in controlling the temperature. Heat level can be maintained according to the demand of food within moments.

The microwave oven under 5000 contains a built-in alarm too. It sends the user information about completion of cooking. With defrost function you will be able to deliquesce the frozen meats.

  • The 17 liter space is enough for smaller families
  • Comes with five power levels. It helps in adjusting heat according to the cooking item
  • Jog dials help in convenient usage
  • Alarm and auto defrost facilities are there for the timer
  • Digital display is not available
  • No accessories
  • No starter kit is provided

Borosil Pro BOTG19CS11 19L Oven Toaster Grill

Bajaj 1701MT Solo Microwave Oven
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Borosil Pro is one of those extinct microwave oven under 5000 varieties that covers the facility of oven, grill, and toaster in a singular device. It seems wonderful how the company manages to provide such a unique product at base-level prices.

The product offers 1300 watts heating element. It delivers the chef with more cooking advantages and convenience.

Cooking with the devices seems a pleasure as there are 6-stage heating options open for use by the chef.

It features an adjustable temperature control knob that holds the temperature within a range of 90 to 230 degree. The product is also customized with motorized rotisserie function; it enables smart grilling experience.

There is an indicator that starts operation as soon as the user sets the timer.

The timer offers 60-minute functionality. Such a long time access helps in faster cooking. Larger quantity of food can be prepared in the 19 liter space. Grilling capacity helps in easier maintenance too.

  • The crumb tray function makes easy maintenance possible
  • Offer combined features of Baking, Toasting, and Grilling
  • The 1300 watt heating element makes cooking at a faster rate
  • Shiny silver body offers aesthetic presentation
  • Arbitrary length of power cord on the lower side offers some disadvantage to the product
  • No buyer’s guidance is provided

AmazonBasics 20L Solo Microwave (Black)

AmazonBasics 20L Solo Microwave
Check Price on AMAZON

The products are available within a price range of 3000 to 6000. These are thought to make a privileged microwave oven under 5000 for budget players in the market.

Its unique features comprise dual knobs, ceramic coating at the inside plate, and an ergonomically designed door handle.

The budget-friendly devices are designed to manage heating and other primary cooking needs. The design is ordinarily made for average kitchens. However, the 20L capacity seems sufficient for smaller families and bachelor dens.

It helps the user with boiling, reheating food, defrosting and other simpler cooking operations. Jog dials help longevity besides convenient controlling.

The inscribed cooking alert system makes the user know when the cooking finishes over. You can also customize defrosting; such tailoring is based on the frozen food that you want to consume.

It offers a beautiful combination of cooking and grilling facilities.

  • The product offers suitability for smaller families and bachelor units
  • Both Microwave safe vessels and full-sized plates are accommodated
  • Knob control makes use a convenient process
  • Best for reheating, defrost, and cooking
  • Dark front glass and ceramic coating on the cavity have made the product virtually opaque

Things to consider before buying a Microwave oven

Buying Considerations

 Multiple things should come into consideration when you are out to buy a microwave oven under 5000. The underlying factors are hereby discussed in detail:


Your microwave oven must fit your kitchen space. Be informed about your kitchen capacity as this will help you in choosing the right dimensional product. The ovens we are discussing would offer a maximum volume of 20 liters.

Programmed Function

Microwave oven with programmed function is the best in the market. Products with one-touch features offer best usage. Many of the newly-invented products come with smart wave technology. These products help maintain the nutritional value of food.


At the time of looking for a microwave oven under 5000, recommended power is 1000 watt. Accumulation of such energy helps the devices offer ideal functionality. However, there are smaller sized products that can manage within 700 watts. These ovens are suitable with compact size microwaves. Having products with ideal power consumption ability helps to reduce cooking time and offer economy.

Choose user-friendly Products

Don’t go for ovens that equip highly advanced technology if that does not serve your purpose. It may not be handy for you if you don’t have ample experience about dealing with sophisticated know-how.


Always look for a microwave oven under 5000 with a child-lock feature. This is particularly important if you have children in the house.

Automatic sensors are desirable, but these are available in only a few products.


How to use microwave oven?

Microwave ovens are used for thawing of foods.
Place the oven over the microwave; keep it in a dry and clean place.
You should not plug the device near gas or an electric appliance.
Make sure that the oven allows ventilation on one side.

Is Microwave and oven the same?

Microwave is the acronym for Microwave oven. It is a device that uses microwave radiation for heating and processing of food.
Ovens possess a heating element that warms the air inside it. The air, in turn, heats the food to process.
Cooking food is also called ‘Microwaving’ when microwave devices are used in the cooking process.

Which is the simplest microwave oven?

Solo microwave oven; these products will allow you to make reheat of the foods prepared earlier. These help in defrosting too.
The products are not as complex as the combined or convection models. Therefore, you can arrange these over a countertop without much effort.
These are best for commercial uses. Thus, these products are available in offices or other places where frequent small-sized dishes are made like the road-side restaurants.

Can there be any harmful consequences over use of a microwave oven?

According to experts, a microwave oven is an effective device. These instruments are chosen for the convenient cooking method they provide. There is ample evidence where it was proven that cooking with a microwave is better at preserving nutrient value of the foodstuffs. Such cooking prevents the formation of various harmful compounds that are formed in various other sorts of cooking.

What is better – microwave oven or microwave oven convection?

Of course the latter; Microwave oven convection helps in pre-boil and baking. Reheating is also possible.


We have this listed blocks of microwave oven under 5000. The listing had shown some stringency as you cannot chuck about budget.

In the article, we have tried to experience the best recommended ones; extreme care is opted to ensure that overall review and proper analysis are included.

It helps the users to select the best one that best matches their needs as users. The chosen product is sure to match the preferences and meet the budget constraints.

We can assure you that the products we have mentioned there are best to suit your preference and predefined budget.

There is no special recommendation as each of these stands best with updated functionalities and features.


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