In a Hurry? Check out these Soundbars in India under 15000

Here is a quick snapshot of our top-rated picks.

The spirit of watching television or playing games double up the moment you put up the soundbars. The compactly designed small soundbars snugly adjust in any position you plan to fit in. Obviously, it adds freshness to the ambiance and lets you interact more intensely. Therefore, if you are thinking of installing soundbars at your place, then it is time to set your eyes on the 10 best soundbars in India under 15000.

Top 10 Soundbars under 15000 in India – Bestsellers

Best Soundbars in India under 15000 – Our Picks

1. boAt Aavante Bar 1700D – Best Choice under 15000

boAt AAVANTE Bar 1700D
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If you genuinely want to get that satisfying audiovisual effect then purchasing this typical soundbar model from Boat would be the best bet. Now let’s see why exactly it is. Hence scroll down below to get pointers related to the same.


  • Amazing quality sound: The 2.1 channel configuration offers a refreshing quality of sound. That promises to offer a soothing audiovisual impact.
  • Beautifying element: Adding the soundbar is the best choice because it amplifies the overall decor of the room.
  • Numerous connectivity: the most liked feature is that the soundbars from Boat support both wireless or wired connectivity. To be precise it is compatible to work with HDMI arc, USB, AuX, Bluetooth v5.
  • Multiple music modes: The soundbar comes with multiple music mode options like it can preset its tone as per the Medium like tv, news, music.
  • You can operate it easily with the help of the advanced remote control system
  • You can experience the powerful sound of 60 RMS
  • It has the option to modify the sound according to the three-dimensional visuals
  • The woofer cannot emit high bass

2. Pioneer SBX-101 – Runner-up

Pioneer SBX-101
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Oodles of soundbars are there in the market, but the trendiest one that made it to the top is none other than a wireless soundbar from Pioneer. certainly, it is a recommended product and that is purely because of its remarkable attributes that are discussed below.


  • Dolby digital sound: Somewhere Pioneer created a milestone with its sound impact like this particular soundbar has been designed with Dolby Digital sound technology. As a result of which it offers a powerful and smooth sound like your experience in multiplexes.
  • Led impact: The led light gives a clear indication of the operating situation on the soundbar. Therefore users don’t require to point out the remote control aimlessly because the led light will act as a guide.
  • Wireless connectivity: The soundbar comes with a segregated subwoofer and speaker. But you can easily set up the wireless connection simply by inserting AC wires then by pairing the subwoofer- buttons.
  • Convenient to place: You don’t have to muse with its placement as the soundbar is composed and sleek so you can snugly place it inside the flat beveled LCDs. Therefore watching television is not a hassle when you have these inclusive soundbars.
  • The soundbar offers 3.5 mm in line and optical inserts.
  • The subwoofer offers low-frequency sound
  • Note that the wattage of the soundbar is 108W
  • The channel configuration of the speaker sound is 2.1
  • It offers to surround audio output.
  • The sound quality of the soundbar varies between mid to high frequency.
  • The quality of sound produced both from the soundbar and subwoofer might sound cracked

3. boAt Aavante Bar 1800

boAt AAVANTE Bar 1800
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boAt offers cutting-edge technology when it comes to music systems. Like you can consider this particular soundbar. It has an amazing sound tone that will let you get immersed. Therefore to get that ear soothing experience you need to explore this particular soundbar in India under 15000


  • Adds aesthetic touch: The premium-styled soundbar offers an eye-pleasing finish to the home.
  • Easy to control: The well-designed remote control lets you control the playback easily.
  • Both wireless and wired: The soundbar comes with both wired and wireless connectivity. Precisely you can adjust this with coaxial, USB, optical, Aux, and Bluetooth v5.
  • Crystal sound: You can anticipate smooth sound quality and generous output of 60 RMS.
  • Multi entertainment options: You can use the same soundbar for multiple modes of entertainment such as music, movies, News.
  • The soundbar offers a profound bass level
  • The sound is balanced and has a surrounding effect
  • The side fire architecture allows the sound to reach every part of the room easily
  • The soundbar from Boat is engineered for audiophiles
  • The sound of the subwoofer may not be that pleasing

4. JBL Bar Studio

JBL Bar Studio
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JBL with its exclusive design and outstanding finishing has predominantly out ruled many of its competitors. Today’s talk of the session is the compact, sleek, and comprehensively engineered studio Soundbar from JBL. Among its incredible features, the surrounding sound quality along with the dual bass port system makes it the distinguished one in the market. So let’s explore some of the underlined features at once.


  • Bluetooth connection: The first feature is that it comes with Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to connect it easily with the speaker and play the favorite number.
  • Hassle-free connectivity: It is hassle-free to set up because the single HDMI port creates flawless connectivity between the soundbar and the TV.
  • Operate with the TV remote control: No need to get any new remote control as you regulate the modes with the help of the same TV remote control.
  • It has both AUX and coaxial cable
  • The sound system produces a sound output of 30W
  • The noise to signal ratio is 90 DB
  • It has both the Optimal and HDMI arc port that allows easy setup
  • The volume quality might not be that much impressive

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5. boAt Aavante Soundbar 1160

boAt Aavante Soundbar 1160
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Are you ready to experience an awesome quality audio sound system? If so then the Avante soundbar 1160 from Boat will give you the right platform. You can expect a great sound impact and the 60 watt sound output will enhance the chance to live up to the beats.


  • Sound quality: The soundbar from Boat comes with inbuilt 2.0 channel sound that leverages listeners with refined quality sound.
  • Adds beauty: Its pristine vibes let you get engrossed in the sound. Moreover, the slim design of the soundbar amplifies the aesthetic feel of the living room as well.
  • Easy connectivity: The inclusion of Bluetooth v4.2/ AUX/ USB allows smooth connectivity in regards to both wireless and wired.
  • Dynamic: The versatile soundbar modifies the sound as per the mode that means it changes the audio tone according to movies, music, and news.
  • Experience the underlined 60 watt sound quality from Boat
  • Get the nirvana with the versatile 4 by 2.25-inch drivers
  • Enjoy robust quality remote with preset options
  • You might face problems with led connectivity

6. boAt Aavante Soundbar 1190

boAt Aavante Soundbar 1190
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Boat one of the premium companies in the gadget world promises to offer influential, and charming quality products ever since it came into being. In that regard, today our pick is the 1190 soundbar from Boat. To amplify every piece of your entertainment you can try out this intelligently engineered soundbar with inbuilt 50-watt subwoofers. Therefore discover some of its underlying attributes, pros, and cons in the below sections


  • Great sound: Experience enriched sound and video quality with an inbuilt 2.2 channel.
  • Easy to control: The well-built remote helps you control the sound and manage that with the help of an easily operational system.
  • Smooth connectivity: The best part is that you can connect the devices in assistance with the built-in V5.0 Bluetooth HDMI, Coaxial, USB, etc.
  • Fine volume output: The finest 40.0 RPM will let you live every single hour with Ecstacy.
  • Multiple modes: The multimode option lets you pre-set the remote as per the music mode.
  • It adds a lively vibe to the environment with its premium design.
  • It comes with equalizer options like 3D, movies, music, and news
  • The soundbar allows 90 RMS sound
  • It has two active subwoofers
  • The soundbar might be a bit heavier than expected

7. boAt Aavante Bar 1250

boAt Aavante Bar 1250
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The boat is the most sought after when it comes to gadgets because of its bleeding edge technology as well as affordable price. In that respect, today let’s throw light on one of the excellent soundbars from a boat with a 2.1 channel capacity. Therefore it is time to add this uniquely crafted soundbar to your living room to experience premium quality sound. But before that, you need to trace some of its exclusive features.


  • Pristine sound: Enjoy crystal clear audio quality with 40 watt RMS along with 40 watts subwoofer wired.
  • Versatile sound: The tone of the sound will vary as per the entertainment units. In fact, you will get options for news, music, etc.
  • Multi connectivity: No need to ponder about the connectivity as it offers various types of connectivity options such as USB, Aux, and Bluetooth V5.
  • Well built remote system: The principal remote- control helps to adjust the sound system.
  • Experience the real cinematic audio sound with distinguished 80 Watt RMS
  • Enjoy both multiple connectivities and Eq options
  • The ergonomic designs add positive vibes to the room
  • You need to check whether the power cable is added or not

8. Decdeal S3330 V-108

Decdeal S3330 V-108
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Electronic admirers always do look for the best quality sound and that’s what you can expect from Deckdeal Sound Bar. The most talked-about attribute of the Deckdeal soundbar is its capacity to produce even sound tone even when the volume gets increased. Therefore if you are equally interested to have this kind of soundbar need to keep an eye on its notable features.


  • Compact look: The size of the soundbar from Deckdeal is pretty nice. The best part is that it is composed and compact. As it is completely designed with a concept to save your space therefore you can place it anywhere.
  • Easily adjustable volume: The soundbar comes with a plug play feature that allows you to control the volume with ease.
  • Multi synchronization: The soundbar system can sync perfectly with any kind of device that comes with audio and a USB jack of 3.5. Also, is highly compatible with gadgets like a personal computer, smartphones, and tablets.
  • The soundbar has the capacity to support the 2.0 channel
  • You can expect an output power of 3 watt
  • The frequency varies from 30 Hz to 15Khz
  • It is made from robust quality ABS material
  • You cannot expect any warranty on this item

9. Musi Iball Soundbar

iBall Musi Bar High Power
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Do you have any fetish for brands when it comes to music systems? If yes then the latest Soundbar from the brand Iball is the recent catch. The brand has the distinguished attribute of startling you with its pristine sound tone. In that regard, let’s go through some of the features talked about in the below section.


  • Unbeatable sound: The soundbar has a high-end quality stereo that offers a great sound output of 10 watts
  • Several options for playing:  You don’t have to hassle with the wires when it comes to this particular soundbar because it has several playback alternatives such as FM, micro SD, AuX, USB, and BT
  • Portable: The slim, as well as comfortable design and lightweight, allows you to carry it to any place
  • No vibrations: The sound released is optimized and soothing with no vibrating effect
  • It can play at a stretch and has the ability to deliver 15 hours of sound output
  • No need to charge it repeatedly because a one-time charge is enough
  • The sound quality may not be that convincing

10. Zebronics Zeb-Juke Bar 5

Zebronics Zeb-Juke Bar 5
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Do you want a soundbar system that will offer far-reaching sound quality? If yes then you can give a try to this soundbar from Zebrionics. It’s comprehensive architecture and amazing sound beats will let you feel satisfied. Hence let’s go through some of the features piled up below.


  • Attractive look: The convincing appeal of the soundbar will let you take your eyes off. And it is because of the led display surrounding the edges
  • Various connectivity: The soundbar offers multiple options when it comes to connectivity which means you can connect it flawlessly with SD, USB, FM, BT, and TV also with the quad-based drives.
  • Great power output: Purchasing the soundbar is a benefit because you can expect to get a power output of 20 watts and a subwoofer of 25 watts. Altogether the pit put is 45 RMS.
  • It comes with several connectivity options.
  • It can support various file formats such as WMP, MP3
  • The soundbar is capacitated to offer back up for 32 GB
  • The 5-inch subwoofer gives an in-depth bass and that offers a vibrant effect
  • A single click remote control provides easy control
  • The durability of the product might disappoint you

Things to Remember while buying a Soundbar for the TV

If you want to hear actors’ voices clear and sound, you should think of adding a soundbar near the TV unit area. Note that the soundbars are designed to offer crystal sound quality. But besides that, there are some of the other parameters that you should keep in mind while buying the best soundbar in India under 15000.

Look for 3 channels

While buying the soundbars you should opt for three channels. Talking about channel note that these are small speakers. So normally there are two channels but soundbars with three channels mean three speakers will provide Dolby sound effect.

Need to have Integrated Amplifiers

If you want all in one model then you should go for the active soundbars with the integrated channel -processors, amplifiers, etc. On the contrary, passive soundbars are not much popular because the passive ones do not come with an integrated feature.

Compact Connectivity 

Whichever soundbar model you buy ensure the models should support USB, HDMI, WiFi, arc, etc. Hence, you can use the soundbars the other way as well when not connected to Tv.

Compact Architecture

Note that the soundbar is not that which can place in any room or corner to get that pristine sound effect. To get that clear effect you need to place it either above the Tv or just below the TV unit. Make sure that the model you purchase is flat, sleek, and composed so that you can keep it easily beneath the tv unit. In addition to that also check that it should have wall mounting sockets so that you can mount it on the wall.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the soundbar?

A soundbar is a comprehensively designed speaker unit that you can connect with the Tv. It is slender and long in design which does not require much space to fit in. Generally, it consists of two or more speakers. And talking of the sound quality it either produces stereo or surrounding effect.

Can you use the soundbar with the TV?

You can pair up the soundbars with Tv. It is because the soundbars come with different types of technologies that allow you to team up with HDMI, Bluetooth, optical, and HDMI cables.

What size of the soundbar should you select for 55-inch TV?

For 55 inch TV, you should choose the soundbars with 40 to 50 inches.

How should you install the soundbar with the TV?

To set up the tv with the soundbar, you need to connect the optical outport of the Tv to one end of the optical wire. Later insert the other audio jack to the soundbar. Eventually, you need to click the source on the soundbar or the remote to let it work.

Final Verdict

Well, this article has been conscripted to enlighten readers on the 10 best soundbar in India Under Rs 15000. We have mentioned the best ten but we recommend users to use Bluetooth Aavante 1160 soundbar from Boat.

It is because of its sound standard and resilience. In the meantime, go through the rest of the soundbars and compare among them to pick the congenial one from the list. Also, take into account which one will serve your purpose in the best way. Additionally, consider the price of the soundbars as well. No matter whichever you purchase, it will give you a desired result.


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