To choose the best monitor, you will require taking into consideration certain factors. Have a look below.


There are some differences between LCD and LED Technology.

Certain factors keep working for the end goal as well as the budget.

LCD Technology is the technology for the computer monitors that use cold cathode fluorescent lamps.

Also, the LCD monitor holds the perfect lifespan of the 30,000 hours but the technology is quite older and the products usually come with the thicker and heavier parts.

Choose the Best Monitor between LCD and LED

Only a few of them come with the resolution of full HD that is 1920 X 1080. LCDs come with a lower price point and do not suffer from any kind of blurred output or negative effect.

On the other hand, the LED displays are the ones that come with the liquid between the two glass pieces.

The technology utilizes light emission diodes.

But, there is complete efficiency with a high level of performance.

LED monitors come at the highest price and the picture quality is unmatchable to anything else.

These products are extremely thin and light when compared to the LCDs.

Screen Size

You must always consider the screen.

Size screen size finds its measurement in the diagonals forms from either the bottom corner to the opposite or vice versa.

Currently, there are screen sizes that went up to 80 inches.

But, the average range that you should be looking for must be between 19 inches and 43 inches.

Along with the varying degrees of the panel as well as the backlighting technology, you will require to choose the screen size that will fall in the affordable limits.

There has been a great introduction in the section of the aspect ratios and they have a direct relation to the screen resolutions.

Aspect ratio by definition refers to the display screen width about the height of the screen.

Most computer monitors these days utilize widescreen ratios as well as a full HD resolution with the resolution being around 1920 X 1080 pixels.

By doubling the width plus high dimensions with the help of the aspect ratio, you will get the sharper resolutions.

The aspect ratio as well as resolution help in making the proper choice.

If you’re looking for the gaming monitor, then it’s better to look for the best performance based high-resolution monitors.

Again, if you are on the budget and you still want the smooth gaming experience, then its better to stick around the resolution 1920 X 1080.

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Budget monitors usually come with built-in speakers.

However, some of them do not. Some monitors will be within the affordable range and have the speakers that are affordable as well.

You won’t get a single option with the built-in speakers.

In most of the cases, you will be finding the monitor that will require the addition of the speaker.

Ports and Connectivity

This is the most problematic part of buying new monitors.

Usually, you’ll find them come with the standard connections.

But, some new monitors come with several spots like display port, HDMI, Mini DisplayPort, as well as USB C.

Without the availability of such ports and connectivities, there are no options for building a perfect connection to the monitor.

Always, you should look for the monitor with HDMI connectivity.

It is a must because it will give you the standard option for the cable connection to hook the monitor with the laptop.

There are plenty of budget computer monitors that utilize the VGA port.

However, if you are opting for the monitor with the VGA port, then you will have to purchase an additional adaptor that will be converting the HDMI to VGA.

Refresh Rates

refresh rate
Refresh rate

For the latest monitor, you will have to check for the refresh rate.

The bigger one is better.

You should always remember that it should have smooth images if you are a gaming monitor, then you should always look for the refresh rate as a major reconsideration.

It becomes important and you should buy the monitor that is having at least a 75% refresh rate.

Besides, there are also gaming monitors that come with at least a 144Hz combination with the lowest response time.

Sometimes, even the refresh rate of 60 hertz will be working fine.

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Panel Technology

There are plenty of panel touch systems that deliver customizable image quality.

The TN monitors become the fastest and cheapest due to the better image quality.

However, there is also an IPS monitor that comes with slightly faster response times as well as showing the color that is better than the BA panels.

Again, there are BA monitors that come with the best contrast out of the three-panel types.

If you’re looking for a curved monitor, you must always consider your preference.

Curved monitors can make the experience more immersive with the larger field of view. They are less straining for your eyes.

However, when you are prone to the glare for viewing such a screen from certain angles, it can damage the eyes.

Some effective curved monitors usually come with the Ultrawide as well as 30 inches specification.

If you are buying the curved monitor, you should always look for an understanding of the curvature specifications.

The 1800R curvature is the one that comes with a curve radius of 1800mm and is best in terms of offering the maximum viewing distance of 1.8 meters.

G-Sync or FreeSync

Gaming monitors usually come with the G-sync Technology as well as the AMD free sync.

Both the features start producing the screen tearing as well as shuttering.

The other thing that you should keep in mind is that the g-sync relies on the display port.

The free sync technology works mainly on the display port that has wireless HDMI.

Regardless of the budget, you are having, you should always mind the speed graphics that will be giving you better monitoring with either the G sync or the free sync technology.

One Drive or Motion Blur

There’s availability of the Overdrive and motion blur production technology.

You should consider these options especially in the gaming monitors for understanding the value you require.

Learning properly about the ghosting is important because it traces the moving object that sometimes leads to the uneven pixel translation.

Overdrive indeed starts producing the ghosting by speeding the rate at which the translation of the pixels is going through the higher voltages.

Again, the motion blur reduction is referred to as the Ultra slow.

Motion blur starts maintaining the motion resolution when on-screen action is becoming more intense.

We’ve mentioned the factors that you must mandatorily consider while picking the monitors.

Do follow these tips before buying to stay far from additional hassles.


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