Picking the best Wi-Fi router takes into consideration certain factors for ensuring better performance and an everlasting experience.

Read on to find the factors that you must know which will help you understand how to Choose the Best Wifi Router


The hardware composition of the router matters a lot.

The processing, as well as the quantity of the RAM, are the mandatory factors for people using the Wi-Fi.

For the video streaming, file download, online gaming, data backup, as well as other activities, there’s a requirement of the Wi-Fi routers that have more processing power.

You should always look for whether or not it is having the single Core dual-core or the quad-core processor.

The processor that is running at the 900 megahertz is less potent when compared to the 1.2 gigahertz.

Also, the router shouldn’t have less than 128 MB RAM if you find money isn’t an issue then it’s worth losing the router with 512 MB or 1GB RAM.


The routers should have the capability of broadcasting the wireless signal on two frequencies in case it is dual-band.

Besides, some of them also have the capabilities of tri-band and or more.

One of them that you will find is popular is the 2.4Hz band that works even with the old wireless standards like Wi-Fi4 or Wi-Fi 6.

Besides, the dual-band and tri-band and routers have the capability of limiting the wireless signal of around 5 Hz frequencies.

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Consider Top Speeds

Top Speeds Choose the Best Wifi Router
Speed test using Fast.com

You should always have a close look at the actual performance that you expect.

Some routers are advertised as AC1200 or AX6000.

But, that doesn’t mean that you will be getting the 1200 MBPS or 6000 Mbps.

The number works in the form of a combination of the speeds from both the brands.

The speeds sometimes prove to be theoretical.

In real-world testing, you will be finding something different.

If you’re getting the Wi-Fi router that is labeled with AC5000, it is not magical that it will be giving you 5000 MBPS.

Instead, you can also choose the 600 MBPS 2.4 gigahertz versions or also the 216 MBPS 5 gigahertz models.

Besides, you should also take into consideration the budget when you are picking one.

There are plenty of options that you will be found fit for the ISP plan.

Area of Coverage

While picking the Wi-Fi router, you should also consider the area that you want to cover.

Some Wi-Fi systems cover the coverage capability of 5 GHz.

For the smaller apartments or other homes, you will be finding the single router with the set of antennas that will be getting the job done perfectly.

In case you find there is an issue covering the larger space and don’t want to buy the simple router, there’s another option to go ahead with looking for the mesh Wi-Fi kits that will give the delivery of the adequate Wi-Fi for covering the large area.

Some of them have the capability of covering the thousands of square feet of the indoor space.

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MU-MIMO Specification

The new routers are now coming with the multi-user multi-input as well as multi-output based technological specifications.

So, they are better than the traditional single-user multiple Input and multiple-output Technologies.

You will be getting the new versions that can give the simultaneous data delivery the modern versions are perfect because they are handy in terms of offering the uninterrupted data flow for all the devices.

This is a better win compared to the rotating delivery of the older models.

If you are always looking for the updated hardware and the effortless connection of all your devices with the help of the Wi-Fi, then it’s worth taking the full advantage of this feature.

Smartphone Application Support

Previously, users couldn’t manage the wireless router because they won’t fit with the software.

Accessing the firmware through the web browser or mobile applications has become easy.

People are getting the interfaces that are perfect in the form of the developed smartphone applications for working of the wireless routers.

If you want the convenience, then you should always check the router that has the capability of connecting the smartphone application.

It will give you the option of using it to view the working state of the router while also managing the features available on it.

These days, you will be finding the router manufacturers who will be providing the different approaches related to mobile applications.

Some of them also offer basic applications where there are options for setting simple things like the Wi-Fi password.

There is some other that gives the advanced applications.

Some people use smart devices as well as sensors in their homes for the management.

It is better to choose the ones that have the integrated Amazon Alexa smart assistant or also the task automation services.

Quality of Service

Manufacturers usually use words like advanced features whenever you are looking for the high-end router today.

However, some of the systems are not advanced because there is something referred to as the quality of service.

The average users never start configuring the feature.

Only when there is too much work involved in the procedure, then people look for the adaptive quality of service, intelligent quality of service, or the dynamic quality of service.

So, if you’re looking for the incredible capability, you should always look for the advanced formats of the quality of service that works as the quality of service models and are perfect in terms of giving the positive feature that you will be wanting in the router.

Huge lot of Security Features

The router works usually offer useful advanced features like the antivirus, VPN Service, as well as the other security features.

You should see that it has the capability of protecting the Wi-Fi network from the outside attack as well as the Malware.

There are plenty of problems these days in the routers because technology is vulnerable to hackers.

If you’re looking for advanced features like the VPN server to work well, you should always purchase the router that comes with the high-end hardware and software.

You can look for the more expensive router that comes with powerful hardware as well as the RAM capability.

Some of them are perfect in terms of giving you the standard Wi-Fi broadcasting.

Final Word

Only when you consider the above-mentioned factors, you can get the right wifi router. So, follow the instructions to make the right purchase.


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